VIP Insider

As part of our hosting program, or as a separate service, we offer online consultation and tips for Seattle area beekeepers. Several times a month during peek beekeeping periods, we will publish articles, tips and reminders for key times in the bee lifecycle. Whether you are one of our hosts, or if you are just learning the art of beekeeping, our services will support you year round. See below for details


BEEkeeping Articles

There are many books about beekeeping, but none cover the complexities of beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest. Our monthly articles will help you keep up on important yearly milestones unique to the greater Seattle area. 


Beekeeping calendar

At key periods of the year, we will publish reminders and important information for maintaining your beehive. The calendar changes each year as weather conditions and external elements arise that affect your bees. 


Troubleshooting and Support

Have an issue with one of your colonies or a question about what might be happening with the hive? Our consultation includes email support of your issues. 


Plans and wooden Ware designs

Are you part of the DIY culture and enjoy building your own gear? I have made designs and plans to help you build items that I have found useful throughout the year. I am always adding to what you can build and save some money!