What is Beehive Hosting?

program overview

The Woodland Bee Company hosting program helps unite the exciting world of keeping bees with the experience and knowledge of our beekeeper. Woodland Bee Company will place a hive (or two) in your yard after finding the perfect spot. We will then come over and tend and monitor the bees, generally every two weeks depending on time of year.

You get the benefit of helping bees, plus the joy of watching them build colonies, pollinate your and your neighbors yards, and know you are helping bees in their time of need.


What Do You Get?

Benefits of hosting

You get the benefit of helping struggling bee populations, the joys of having bees in your yard, and none of the hassle of inspections and treatments!
Also, you will receive two 9oz jars of honey per paid month of hosting, pure unadulterated honey.

Please Note:

Due to the time it takes to properly care for bees, we only have a limited number of new hosts that we accept each year. Reserve your hive now for 2018


Hosting Duration

How long will you have bees

We like to have our hives at a location for one year. This is so we let the colonies build and grow without being molested as much as possible. During that year, bees are generally active from the end of March to October. We will be onsite for inspections and work during this time, so we ask for access and time to work on the hives these months.

If at any point the bees become an issue or you decide that you no longer wish to host, we will require two weeks to find a new host and location. Any outstanding fees will be assessed and charged at this point. We don't want ya to have them if you decide against it.

What's The Cost?

Program Fee

The cost for hosting is $110 a month from May until October. Discounts are available for hosts that set up automatic payments. The fee associated with this service pays for: 

  • medications
  • feeding
  • mite treatments
  • health assessments and testing
  • time and cost of inspections

Hosts are directly aiding the survival of bees in the Pacific Northwest. I guarantee you that this program will return ten fold over what you expect. 



What Makes A Good Hosting Yard?

will your yard work

Good yards have several factors to make them good bee yards! Here are a few criteria to determine if you have a good space.

  • Do you have good souther sun? The more the better. If you don't have southern sun, it can still work.
  • No pesticides, none.
  • Dry ground. No water runoffs or areas where water accumulates. Moisture kills bees in the Seattle area, so a dry area that doesn't flood is ideal.
  • A clear flightpath for the bees to leave and enter the hive. This means no major obstacles such as trees, grass, sheds, etc.
  • Fenced yard or an area around 25' from neighbors.
  • No public pools nearby. Why? Because bees tend to go there to drink in the hot months and sometimes scare the kiddos!

These are just a list of some of the things we look at, but don't get discouraged if you can't fulfill all of these, it's just a starting list and we can work with you.



Where Do We Host?



Below is a map of the areas where we now have hives placed around Seattle. Basically from Capitol Hill to Shoreline.