Woodland Bee Company offers many services and products. We are always building on what we do, so keep checking back. Below is what we currently offer.


bee hives, in your yard!

Beehive hosting

Want to help the struggling honey bee? Do you want to add natural pollinators to your yard and garden? Ever wanted bees without having to continually perform all tasks associated with doing so? Our hosting program is for you. 


we collect and re-home swarms!

swarm services

Have a honey bee swarm? We can help. Shoot us an email and we can come get the bees. It's usually best to take a picture so we can be sure what we are dealing with. Sometimes it's not bees but yellow jackets, which is a different issue to deal with. Generally there there is no charge for swarm collection. 


oxalic acid treatment gear

oxalic acid treatment

Varroa Mites are a massive issue with honey bees. Left untreated and they will take down your hive. Oxalic acid treatments are safe, organic and 98% effective when applied properly. We offer a treatment plan where we will come out and treat your hive(s) and ensure you maintain a healthy colony of honey bees! 

Treatments cost $40 for each visit, or $100 for three scheduled visits. If you have more than four (4) hives price will increase $5 per hive. 


a wasp nest under the awning

Wasp Removal

Hornets, Yellow Jackets, etc can be annoying and dangerous. We will remove them from your home and ensure they don't return. Prices vary depending on the need. Contact us for a quote.