Inspection Report - 05/12/2018


I was able to get down to see the bees on the 12th. Unfortunately I was a week later than anticipated from the last inspection, so was a bit anxious about the condition of the bees. I had hoped to start an emergency feeding, which was started on the 12th. 

COLONY 1 - West Facing

This is the colony that I am most concerned about. The population was not as strong two weeks ago as I would have liked to see. They still are very small for this time of year, and are about 1/3 the size they should be. 

I attribute this to lack of resources in the immediate area, compounded with a slowed production by the queen has caused a smaller colony. 

I added 1 (one) gallon of sugar water as a nectar substitute. My hope is that this will kick-start the queen into higher production. In addition, I added a pollen patty which is a protein substitute. The idea being that increased protein will help the queen. 

Recommendation: Continue feeding sugar water on each inspection

COLONY 2 - North Facing

The north facing colony is doing better, but also seems smaller than I'd like to see. I spent some time removing the comb (wax) that I'd noted two weeks before that was being built in the wrong area. I am hoping now that their energy focus will be in the main hive and not where they were building comb before. This should help with proper application of resources. 

I also added one gallon of sugar to the hive and a pollen patty. Again, this was done to try and get the queen working a bit harder. With added food supply, the signal to the queen will be to lay more eggs. 

Recommendation: Feed sugar water on each visit and monitor results closely


Both colonies are not as strong as I would like. I am hopeful that the new regiment of feeding will help them start to build. Right now I am feeding one gallon, but if needed I may need to triple that per each colony until population grows to levels that are better for the queen. 

It should be noted that I did not inspect the brood or look for the queen on this inspection as I did not want to disturb them until next inspection where I will look for signs that the emergency feeding is working.



Jason Kardong