Earth Day Celebration with Planet Box

Happy Earth Day!

PlanetBox Visits Woodland Bee Company

We had the honor of having PlanetBox (LINK) come out this spring and spend some time at one of our Seattle area apiaries to learn about bees, beekeeping and how to help struggling bee populations.

If you haven’t heard of PlanteBox, they are a wonderful company focusing on extremely eco-friendly food options and containers for lasting sustainability. This is someone we are proud to work with as they offer solutions to increasing environmental issues.

Over the course of a few hours we managed to only get stung a few times but we made some good friendships and learned about bees!

PlanetBox And Woodland Bee Company

Also, please read the article they posted about Woodland Bee Company and our day together HERE

Sesame Sticks and Honey

As noted in the article, Woodland Bee Company has found a tasty and healthy snack for you to enjoy. It’s simple:

  1. Sesame Sticks

  2. Honey

Put some honey into a small bowl, and dip your sesame sticks into the honey for a fast and easy snack to enjoy. We use Trader Joe sesame sticks, but any will work! You can get your honey anywhere, but we’d love it if you purchased from us, 100% real natural honey.


More About PlanetBox

If you want to learn more about PlanetBox, please visit them at their website HERE