Inspection Report - 1/5/2019


This inspection was simply to check the basic status of the bees (make sure they were still alive) , give them some food, and treat for varroa mites. There was no opening of the hives due to weather and temperatures

COLONY 1 & 2

These colonies are doing well and seems to have enough stores to make it through the rest of the winter. Regardless I gave them some extra food that is high sugar content for easy feeding to the queen and young bees.

Also I treated them for varroa mites using Oxalic Acid in a vapor form. This process is fairly simple in that a powder form of Oxalic Acid is placed in a heated tray, that is then put inside the hive. The tray is connected to a battery which heats it and turns the acid into a vapor that envelops the bees and “burns” the varroa off.

This process is necessary to keep varroa numbers under control until bee populations start to grow in the spring and they can remove them through grooming.

If you watch the video, you will see the “smoke” coming out the bottom of the hive at the end. This is the Oxalic Acid in its vapor form.

Recommendation: No special considerations needed. Next visit will be to treat for mites.

Jason Kardong