Woodland Bee and Urban Renaissance Group Meeting Notes

Woodland Bee Co and Urban Ren Group Meeting!

Not a bad view for a meeting….

Not a bad view for a meeting….


This meeting was to meet me (Jason) and to introduce myself to everyone interested in the Urban Renaissance Group (URG) and Woodland Bee Company (WBC) bee sustainability program at the Columbia Center.


Carlyne Stevenson - Assistant Property Manager (URG)
Sarah Wright - Senior Property Manager (URG)
Liz Scmidt - Senior Property Administrator (URG)
Rosie Collins - Senior Property Administrator (URG)
Jeni - Property Manager (URG)
Jason Kardong - Beekeeper (WBC)


Carlyne prepared some questions regarding bees and the impact that Urban Renaissance Group is playing in the survival and support of bee populations. Some great discussions came from this and it’s important to know that URG is on the forefront of the survival of Pacific Northwest bee colonies.


We also talked about the idea of setting up a web camera at the entrance of one of the hives would be a fun and good way to get everyone involved on a deeper level. This camera could also be shared out on websites and for press publication to share with the community of what we are doing on the Columbia Center.

There is a modem fairly close to the bees that we could probably utilize in getting this done. We would most likely need to purchase a WiFi extender and some sort of power source.

One idea might be to use a system like “Ring” security camera with the pairing of a solar charger might make things easy to set up. We would still need to secure a WiFi source, but as noted, one exists very close to the bees.


There was some talk about the problem of fake honey in the markets. One of the documentaries that I recommended that introduces you to the issue is a series on Netflix called “Rotten”. The first episode is called “Lawyers, Guns & Honey” and I suggest it as a good way to see what some of the issues are with the honey industry.


One point of discussion was the bottling of honey from the colonies. I highly suggest that you look at Specialty Bottle (HOME PAGE) as they have a myriad of options and even have special bottles specific for honey bottling.


It was decided that WBC would do the bottling for URG and that bottles would be supplied by URG. I anticipate that it will take about five days to get, sterilize, and bottle the honey. Last year I left the bottles at the front security desk for pickup. That arrangement can be done again if it works.


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Jason Kardong