Inspection Report - 03/16/2019


This inspection was to determine how the bees lasted through the recent extended winter storms and snow, and to give some supplemental feeding if all was well.

COLONY 1 - West Facing

The West Facing colony is small in size but still alive and healthy. They have diminished food reserves and low on honey so emergency feed was added. This is fondant (just like on a cake) and sugar water with nutrients in it. Also, a pollen patty was added. This is a artificial pollen source that will help “kick” the queen into gear and start laying eggs to build the population.

I also removed the tar paper wrapping the hive as we are past the time of the year when that is needed and removing it allows for manipulation of the boxes on subsequent visits.

There was no real inspection at this point as it is still too cold to get into the hive and pull out frames, but this trip lays the groundwork for the next visit.

Recommendation: No special considerations needed. Next visit will be to treat for mites.

COLONY 2 - North Facing

The North Facing colony is not in great shape and it may be time to combine them with the West Facing group. The population is much smaller than they should be, but this might be able to be rectified by increased feeding and pollen supplements.

Recommendation: If population does not show signs of growth, they will be combined with the West Facing colony for the time being.


The recent and lasting snow storms and cold weather has definitely had an impact on the colonies, but they both seem to have made it through. Once again the West Facing colony is much stronger and is showing positive signs. The North Facing colony will need some special attention but I have not given up on them.

Jason Kardong