Inspection Report - 03/16/2019


This inspection was to determine how the bees lasted through the recent extended winter storms and snow, and to give some supplemental feeding if all was well.

COLONY 1 - West Facing

On the last inspection, it was noted that the west facing colony was having issues growing. I added some extra food and pollen substitute to help them out and kick start the queen. I was a bit concerned that they were not growing fast enough so was hoping that this would help them get going. On this inspection I saw that they responded very well to the last few inspections and measures. The population had responded well enough that it was time to add a second box to let them grow into.

The hope going forward now is that they will continue to grow and fill up the new box with honey and pollen for the winter.

Recommendation: No special concerns. Will be treating for mites after blackberry flow is completed.

COLONY 2 - North Facing

The north facing colony is not responding to treatments or feeding. I will watch for a few more weeks and make a decision at that point.

Recommendation: Combine with west facing


The west facing colony has responded well to measures and will continue to monitor for fall and winter success. The north facing colony is not responding well to measures and should be combined with the west facing soon.

Jason Kardong