Inspection Report - 07/20/2018


This inspection was to determine how the growing population is doing and to asses how the North facing colony is fairing after struggling this spring.

COLONY 1 - West Facing

The West facing colony is doing much better than the last inspection. They have continued to grown and are showing signs of becoming much stronger. This trip also was to do a summer mite treatment with oxalic acid. We will need to continue with the treatments in the coming weeks to ensure that the mites are kept in check.

The queen seems to be doing really well and is laying in a good pattern with solid brood. Lots of baby bees on the way!

A gallon of medical treated sugar water was given as well as a pollen substitute. This was because on the last visit it was noted that the honey stores were not where they needed to be.

Recommendation: Continue to feed sugar water and mite treatments.

COLONY 2 - North Facing

The North facing colony is really struggling so the determination was made that they will be combined with the West facing colony. This is not unusual and a standard practice. The idea is that combining colonies makes one strong colony that can then be split in the spring back into two.

Recommendation: Combine with West facing.

Jason Kardong