Inspection Report - 08/17/2019


This inspection was to continue feeding regiment and to apply the first of two ApiGuard treatments for varroa mites

COLONY 1 - West Facing

The West Facing colony is doing well and still showing signs of improvement since the last visit. The numbers of bees is growing and they are now expanded into the top box that was added a few visits ago. They are continuing to add stores to their frames and building well for winter.

The biggest item on this visit was to apply the first of two treatments for Varroa mites using ApiGuard. The treatment is thymol based and is intended to get onto the bees, causing them to clean each other. This process cleans off varroa mites and reduces the overall numbers in the colony.

During the video, you will see I show the camera the ApiGuard as it goes into the hive. It looks a lot like toothpaste and smells a lot like Ben Gay soothing cream. Not much fun to get onto your clothes!!

Recommendation: Continue to feed sugar water and mite treatments.

Jason Kardong