Inspection Report - 09/21/2019


This inspection was to do the first mite treatment of September in anticipation for fall. Also feeding was done with medicated sugar water.

COLONY 1 - West Facing

This inspection was to evaluate how the colony is doing in anticipation for fall. We are at the end of summer and it’s time to ensure that the bees are ready for the long wet winters here.

The colony is doing really well and has built up a lot of reserves for winter. This means they have honey and pollen stored and the queen has been laying really well. This all points to the colony being in good shape.

I did a oxalic acid treatment on this visit as well. This is for mites and kills any that are attached to bees. On the next visit, I will do a second treatment and apply some strips into the hive to continually attack the mites that might still be alive.

Also, I will be bringing some sugar water mixed with treatment for nosema. This will be done as prophylactic measure to ensure they are healthy going into the colder weather.

Recommendation: Second mite treatment and application of medicated sugar water for nosema

Jason Kardong